About me

I am Tag. A global citizen, lifelong learner and a free thinker.
As a PhD student in Computer Science , my main interests fall in the intersection of cross cultural design and social change. Thus, my blog is focused on -but not limited to- this area.

I have been writing in blogs, social media and newspapers for a while but that was in Arabic (my native language). However, being in the UK now and doing my PhD in English, made me consider starting to write and blog in English.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Great to get to know about you, Tag. Saudi women really need people like you! I am an admirer of striving, independent, outstanding women (my mother and grandmother were two of them).
    I am a translator with over 12 years experience and lately I am also lecturing and writing. Intercultural communication seduces me; deep cultural differences pose a big challenge.
    So… if you ever need a helping hand from a native speaker of Spanish who works with German and English and likes different cultures, here I am.


  2. Hi there! I’ll be blunt. I came to this site cause I noticed you and I had the same theme you had responded to the Daily Post’s prompt today (autonomy) just seconds before I had. I then discovered that you are writing on a topic that greatly interests me and for that, I wish to say, thank you.

    I look forward to seeing what the future will bring for you and your site!


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